Get a discount on Apple MobileMe

June 30, 2010

Whether you have it or not, you can’t be a loyal Apple fan without knowing what MobileMe is. You knew you wanted it, but maybe the $99/yr price tag was too steep. Even if that isn’t too much for you, this could still save you some cash.

First, if you are a new customer, take advantage of their 60-day free trial @ before you pay.

Then, go to eBay and search for “mobileme” or “mobileme family”- whichever best suits your needs. You can easily get the box for $69, or so- you could probably get it for less if you’re into the bidding. All that the box contains is a special online activation code- if you don’t want to wait/bother on shipping,

many sellers will gladly open the box and email the code to you.

MobileMe code I found on eBay

You can buy a new code every year this same way to keep your account running, according to what I’ve read.

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