Welcome to the FruitGeek blog. I have started this blog to help intermediate Mac users and computer users interested in web-apps. I will publish articles about miscellaneous software, especially freeware for Macs, and sometimes a series of posts, e.g. “Adobe Software Alternatives Week” or something like that. I need readers in order to keep this blog going, so please tell all of your friends. Feel free to link to your site in the comments as long as your comment is beneficial in some way to the readers, just don’t forget to link to me on your site!


11 Responses to About

  1. Tomas says:


    I noticed that you have category in your blog about pdf converters. I would like to suggest to check this http://www.web2pdfconvert.com/ Do web to pdf conversion very well.


  2. Fandalorian says:

    Nice name… “fruitgeek”

    Did you write all the articles, or are they mostly copy/pasted?

    • fruitgeek says:

      I wrote all the articles, usually with an inspiration from another website, but they are my own writing. Occasionally, I have reposted things, but that is different than copy/pasting. It’s a thing set up by wordpress where you can have it automatically post a clip of a certain article you like to your blog and then add a “read more” link to it. That is not plagiarism. That is actually good because the other site will appreciate you for giving them referrals. They make more money that way.

  3. Fandalorian says:

    Make an article on Free App A Day. Please?

  4. Fandalorian says:

    BTW, are there any good screen recording programs out there? Like if I am running a full-screen application and want to record it without pointing a video camera at the screen? It’s hard to tell which ones are legitimate.
    Kandosii sa kar’ta vode an
    Coruscanta a’den mhi vode an
    Bal kote, darasuum kote
    Jor’soran kando a tome
    Sa kyram nau tracyn kad vode an

  5. Fandalorian says:

    Sorry. Re-edit: Line 1 word 3- kar’ta
    Line 4 word 1- Jorso’ran
    Line 5 word 2- kyr’am

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