Get a longer iPhone cord

Have you ever been upset about how short the iPhone dock/charge cord is? Did you want a stylish way to make it longer? First of all, it only works if you have this adapter:

I got this image off the Apple Store website

1. Order a Macbook cord extension. Check for a cheaper one- somewhere on the page it says new from $3.90.

2. Pop the “duck head” (little thingy with the flipping prongs) off the charger block. Just grasp the charger and pull straight up on the duck head. It might pull off a little hard; just pull firmly.

3. Take the Macbook cord extension, and find the end that resembles the duck head. Line it up and push it straight down firmly into the slot. That’s it!

Or, if you have a Macbook that you don’t need a long cord on, you can just pull the cord extension thing out of it and put the duck head in its place.



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