Fur.ly: Shorten multiple URLs

Have you ever wanted to send several links to somebody in one short message? Try fur.ly,
a multiple URL shortening service. Enter your list of URLs into the box on the page and click go. The result will be a short URL that points to the first page you entered. However, this is where it stands out: There will be a navigation bar at the top of the page that you can use to switch between pages.



3 Responses to Fur.ly: Shorten multiple URLs

  1. Fandalorian says:

    You should never click directly on a link from an email. Just copy and paste into address bar. Can you do this with furly?

    • fruitgeek says:

      Well, doing that wouldn’t really prove much because the URL will still refer to a different URL and load a page you might not expect. Some URL shorteners have setting you can change that will set a cookie that tells you computer to show you the hidden URL before it is loaded. Example: http://tinyurl.com/preview.php Note that this will only work with tinyurl not bit.ly addresses or any other ones for that matter. Copying and pasting is good if your system is vulnerable (cough, cough, windows) but even that won’t protect you from redirecting URLs, so if you don’t trust the sender as a friend or a company you just gave your address to, don’t click the link.

  2. Fandalorian says:

    Certainly. I just meant that if it was a link to something like a Google results page (which wouldn’t redirect you to a virus) copying and pasting will save you from a clickable link that says one thing but sends you somewhere else. I.e. hyperlink to one website with an in-text (blue) url for another.

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