Remove viruses from unbootable computer

August 30, 2010

Has your computer fallen victim to a virus and not been able to boot? In some cases, you can fix this yourself. There are many options when it comes to bootable rescue CDs, but one that seems fairly straightforward is the AVG Rescue CD. It comes with anitvirus and troubleshooting software, as well as a file manager, registry editor and more.

AVG also has a guide to using the rescue CD here.



Get a longer iPhone cord

August 26, 2010

Have you ever been upset about how short the iPhone dock/charge cord is? Did you want a stylish way to make it longer? First of all, it only works if you have this adapter:

I got this image off the Apple Store website

1. Order a Macbook cord extension. Check for a cheaper one- somewhere on the page it says new from $3.90.

2. Pop the “duck head” (little thingy with the flipping prongs) off the charger block. Just grasp the charger and pull straight up on the duck head. It might pull off a little hard; just pull firmly.

3. Take the Macbook cord extension, and find the end that resembles the duck head. Line it up and push it straight down firmly into the slot. That’s it!

Or, if you have a Macbook that you don’t need a long cord on, you can just pull the cord extension thing out of it and put the duck head in its place.


How to find the Mac IPSW for jailbreaking

August 24, 2010

Have you ever tried to jailbreak your iPhone? You need to have the IPSW to do this. When you “download-only” an iPhone update, the file is hidden. To find it, use Go>Go to folder in Finder.

Change “macbook” to your hard drive name and “apple” to your home folder name.

Once you get to the iTunes folder, find “iPhone software updates” (or “iPod”). Your newly downloaded IPSW should be there.

Share make barcodes

August 21, 2010

Did you lose your library card? What about your other barcoded cards? Maybe they don’t scan right anymore. You can try to remake the barcode with

Disclaimer: Your library might discourage this practice.


New sharing button- Tweet this

August 19, 2010

WordPress has introduced a new feature: now you can use the tweet button on my posts to share the article. I have noticed most of you only read my homepage- if you want to tweet from there, use the existing share button, if you want integrated tweeting, you’ll need to go to the individual post’s page (click on the name of the post).


2 great HTML coding services and tutorials

August 18, 2010

Have you ever needed to build a website? You probably know already that you can use a content management system to easily build the site, but what if you want some extra features for free that are usually left to the pros to make- such as a banner rotator, mobile version of your site, or basic copyright protection?

You try these two sites, that’s how.

HTML Goodies: has many great tutorials on useful features to add to your site.

HTML Basix: a great site like HTML Goodies, also includes generators that take customized input and give you the code – just paste it into your site.


Save money for college with Office alternatives

August 16, 2010

I would like to remind those who are going back to school this fall that you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for Microsoft Office. Check out my posts on MS Office alternatives.