Make a printable PowerPoint greeting card

For a long time I have been making greeting cards on my own computer by using PowerPoint. I have found that PowerPoint is more flexible than many other greeting card editors.

1. Open a new file.

2. Go to File>Page Setup and select Portrait

3. Drag in some WordArt or graphics to the lower right corner- be sure you have the guidelines on, NOT the gridlines so that you can tell where the quadrants are. This will be the front of your card.

4. Create a textbox in the upper left corner and type your message in it- you’ll probably want it to be left, not center formatting.

5. Turn the textbox upside-down: this is very important because otherwise your card won’t have the text readable

6. Check to make sure the text is in the right place. The lower left corner will be the back of the card- you can put something there if you want.

When it’s done, it should look like this:

When you’re done, just click print. Because of the way PowerPoint sizes the page, I would not recommend using a slide background.

If you had trouble following this, download my template and change it as much as you want. download link

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