3 of the best places to find free fonts

June 23, 2010

If you make a lot of presentations, videos, or any other multimedia items, you probably need more fonts than just what comes on your computer. Be sure to check the license on the font if you are using it on something commercial or widely-distributed. Here are some of the best sites to look at:

  1. 1001freefonts.com– has many categories of fonts for free Windows/Mac download, also can download 10,000 fonts licensed for commercial use for $19.95
  2. freemacfonts.com– has a reasonable collection of Mac-only fonts, but poorly organized, search box takes you to a paid fonts site- you have to click through the alphabet to see all the fonts
  3. fontspace.com– A unique font site that has 13, 524 and counting free Mac/Windows fonts that are user-submitted

If you are bored or adventurous, you could try your hand at making fonts with FontForge. It is a clunky X11 app, so don’t expect that you’ll have time to design all your own fonts.



RetailMeNot: Save Money when shopping online

June 22, 2010

If you read my blog, you probably shop online too. If the majority of your shopping is online, you could save hundreds of dollars just by using coupon codes. RetailMeNot.com is a simple resource that you can use to find coupons for your specific store: just type the name or URL of the website in its search box and it will retrieve all of the recent coupon codes posted for that store, the success rates, and what they do.


EveryStockPhoto.com: Royalty-free photos

June 21, 2010

If you do a lot of web design or print publication design, you probably need a lot of graphics to put on them. A major problem, however, is that these often come with royalties and copyright restrictions. There are many royalty-free photos out there, but the problem is finding them in a timely manner.

Enter, EveryStockPhoto.com. ESP makes searching for Creative Commons photos easy. (Creative Commons is a special system designed to promote organized free sharing of digital material.) Just go to the website, type in a search query and select the license you want the results to be under and it retrieves a matrix of images for you in a similar way to Google Images. Click on an image to see its license and download link. Most images have an attribution license, which means that you can share, remix, and use the photo in your project, as long as you credit the source- usually a URL will do.

Try it out.


OSALT: Find Alternatives to the Popular Software

June 20, 2010

Do you save money by looking for free, open-source alternatives to paid apps? Unless you have already heard of osalt.com, you will benefit in some way by reading this article. If you already look for free alternatives, this site will make it easier. If you don’t, this site will make it worthwhile.

OSALT.com centralizes an open-source software database and organizes it by related programs. Just search for a paid software title and it will list the free, open-source alternatives and what operating systems they work on.

Try it @ OSALT.com


How to send free text messages

June 19, 2010

You are probably tired of rising costs of sending a simple text message- which cell phone companies often charge inflated costs for just because they can. Or, maybe, you don’t even have a cell phone (gasp!). Either way, this article is for you. In the following lines I will show you the best ways to send text messages for free.

1. With a web-app

  • Txt2day.com lets you send text messages right from their homepage- you can include an email address to receive a response
  • Onlinetextmessage.com does the very same thing as above, in case it doesn’t work

2. With a dashboard widget (mac only)

  • Use the Safari Web Clip feature to select the useful area of either one of the above websites to put it in your dashboard for convenient use

3. With your email

  • Popular Mechanics gave me this idea, but I can’t really put it on this page without stealing their content so I’ll give you the link below
  • Their article tells you how to email a text to Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and AIM
  • This could be the easiest way if the recipient’s carrier is supported because you could just add the text email address to your contact list and text them just like you’d send someone an email
  • Click here for Popular Mechanics Article


VividBurn: Host images and SWF for free

June 18, 2010

VividBurn is a very simple solution to hosting images and SWF videos. You can upload files up to 10mb without even signing up. This could be useful for quick Jing uploads. Check it out @ vividburn.com. I have used this for a few of my tutorials before and it works great.


Jing: A free Screen capture utility

June 17, 2010

If you’re reading this, I’m sure there’s probably been some time that you wanted to demonstrate something on your screen to someone else. It might have been a tutorial for your software, or a how-to demo.

Either way, you could have used Jing. Jing is a lightweight utility that allows you to capture screen videos to SWF format. (Unfortunately, the SWF has a Jing watermark/ad in it- you can remove this and add MP4 support for $19.95)

For some reason, it requires you to sign up for a Screencast.com account (free) in order to run the software.

It also allows you to capture PNG images (no watermarks on these!) and annotate them with its integrated tools. You can download Jing for free @ jingproject.com. If the little sun get annoying, you can switch it to a menubar icon in Jing’s preferences.

It works on Mac and Windows, but for Windows I recommend CamStudio.