How to send free text messages

You are probably tired of rising costs of sending a simple text message- which cell phone companies often charge inflated costs for just because they can. Or, maybe, you don’t even have a cell phone (gasp!). Either way, this article is for you. In the following lines I will show you the best ways to send text messages for free.

1. With a web-app

  • lets you send text messages right from their homepage- you can include an email address to receive a response
  • does the very same thing as above, in case it doesn’t work

2. With a dashboard widget (mac only)

  • Use the Safari Web Clip feature to select the useful area of either one of the above websites to put it in your dashboard for convenient use

3. With your email

  • Popular Mechanics gave me this idea, but I can’t really put it on this page without stealing their content so I’ll give you the link below
  • Their article tells you how to email a text to Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and AIM
  • This could be the easiest way if the recipient’s carrier is supported because you could just add the text email address to your contact list and text them just like you’d send someone an email
  • Click here for Popular Mechanics Article



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