How to make free banner ads for your business

At some time or another, you have probably considered buying ad space online to promote your business. Besides the obvious problem of paying for the ad to be shown, there is the design. Today I would like to eliminate the latter. is a great tool for designing animated, interactive, and attractive flash banners. It uses a web-based interface that allows you to easily design the banners- just sign in with your id for Google, Facebook, etc. Its interface allows you to easily add interactive buttons that link to your website or another slide in the ad. It does this all for free, but leaves a small watermark upon publishing that you can pay to remove. With the watermark removed, the banners will look like a pro made it.

The main drawback is that Bannersnack’s AS3 format is not allowed by Google AdWords and some other networks. There are plenty of networks that accept AS3 though, so don’t let it stop you.

This same company (Snacktools)also has several other products:

  • put a flash audio player on your website
  • lets you create photo slideshows and even download them as EXE files
  • In the future, they might introduce QuizSnack, so you might want to watch for it.



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