Make a DVD Easter egg with iDVD

Have you ever tried the Easter eggs on DVD movies such as Star Wars and thought how cool it would be to add Easter eggs to your own home DVDs? There is a simple way to do this with iDVD. (In case you didn’t know, an Easter eggs are hidden content objects or features accessed by secret means that you are unlikely to find on your own without previous knowledge of it.)

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open a new or existing project with iDVD that you’d like to add an Easter egg to.
  2. Add new content. (I’ll use a submenu, but you can use a video or slideshow just the same.)
  3. Edit the name text for what you just inserted: Select the whole name and press delete, so that all you see is the the outline of the text area and maybe an underline or a bullet.
  4. Get rid of the bullets or underlines: Go to the buttons tab on the right panel. Check each of the menu items (menu at top of panel) and make sure that each is set to the circle with a line through it- it should be the first option.

Now you cannot see the hidden menu/video. To access the Easter egg from a DVD player, just select the item. You can’t see the item, so the only way you know it is selected is that nothing else on the menu is.

If this was a little confusing to read, but sounds cool, check out my screencast here.

If you would like to check out Easter eggs for products you may already have, check out



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