Best Menubar Apps for Mac

In this article, I will profile the ten best menubar apps for Macs. These are the little buttons that appear to the left of the system clock.  I will feature a few of my favorites here.

1. Jing is a great app that allows you to capture screenshots and screencasts to share with other people. It is integrated with to share the screenshots with others. This is great for little tutorials- if everyone asks you for tech help, you can tell them to watch a video and save yourself the time.

2. Google Notifier and Gmail Mini make a powerful combo when paired together. Google Notifier will tell you when you have new Gmail and Gmail Mini will let you read it form the menubar.

3. Weather Bug Lite is a great app to tell you the weather in your area. The display icon shows the current temperature.

4. SMC Fan Control is a good app for geeks. You can use it to control your fan speed, i.e. if your computer is getting warm in your lap, you could speed up the fan a little.

5. Caffeine is a great app to prevent your display from going to sleep on you. You can set it to one of the preset durations or indefinitely.

Dropbox and CloudApp (online file storage services) also have menubar icons that are quite useful. For more menubar apps, check out If I forgot your favorite, please put it in the comments section.



One Response to Best Menubar Apps for Mac

  1. fruitgeek says:

    By the way, there’s Check off ( but i’m not sure of the limitations of the free trial…

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