Wikipedia at Work: What Bing can do

Have you ever needed or wanted to read a Wikipedia article at work, or any other place that prohibits access to it? Lots of users know that you can Google the article and click “Cached” by the Wikipedia result. However, this usually brings up a page that links to the actual Wikipedia instead of another cached page. The images and panels don’t usually load in context with all the shading, and there’s highlighting all over the page.

Bing has a solution. Search for the Wikipedia article on Bing, and then mouse over the result that links to Wikipedia. There should be a link below it that says “Wikipedia on Bing.” Click it. It brings up a Bing cache of the Wikipedia page that loads all of the images and side panels in context-even at work. Best of all, the links inside the article link to other Bing caches, not the actual Wikipedia (which is blocked) like Google Cache does. Watch my demo here.

Bing also has CashBack on their shopping results- but not for long. It ends in July. However, they forgot the shopping results in their otherwise great iPhone app.

BTW- remember that you must understand your workplace’s acceptable use policy and use this tip at your own risk



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