Best Free Antivirus

Looking for free antivirus? In this article, I will cover the reasons you need to have antivirus, and the best free software titles to get.

If you use Windows, some of the best software titles are AVG Free Edition, Avast Free Antivirus, and/or Malwarebytes Anti-malware. Don’t install too many antivirus titles to your computer- this will slow it down and the programs will interfere with each other in some cases. Antivirus is especially important if you have Windows. Windows is the prime target for hackers and phishing scams. Even if you are careful on the internet, you could get a virus from a colleague, friend, or family member who plugs a flash drive into your computer. Additionally, you could install ThreatFire along with your other antivirus: It notices the general trick patterns that viruses use and detects them before a normal antivirus program even knows it exists.

If you use a Mac, you are not quite as vulnerable, but vulnerable nonetheless. I’ll put it this way: If you’re a hacker/virus maker, you want to steal someone’s identity or get money from the victim. More people use Windows than Mac, so you’ll get more money attacking Windows. Some still attack Macs though. That’s why there’s iAntivirus and ClamXav. On the iAntivirus download page, click the green button that says “Get Free”- you don’t want the blue TrialPay one.

Everyone should have antivirus- even if your computer doesn’t have sensitive information, you could unknowingly pass a virus on to a friend or coworker who does. Also, don’t fall for ads on webpages that say you have dozens of viruses or registry errors- they don’t know that for a fact and when you click on it to download the “fix,” it blocks access to the files on your computer and makes you pay to get them back. This a mostly a threat for Windows, but Mac users should be cautious too.

Tell your friends with the share button so they can protect their computers. Know of a virus or phishing scam you’ve noticed or been affected by? Tell me in the comments below.

UPDATE: I was recently linked to in a question about Google, and another antivirus software is VirusBarrier Express, which is on the new Mac App Store.



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  1. Mister Reiner says:

    Another reason to install anti-virus software, is to avoid having your computer enlisted in a hacker’s “Zombie” army. Zombies are used to probe and attack other computers, act as virtual routers to mask a hacker’s IP address and host malware that is downloaded by other compromised computers.

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