Curb for Mac: Empty an individual disk’s trash

Curb Main window beside Curb preferences

Have you ever been annoyed at how difficult it is to delete the trash off of your flash drive? On a Mac, it shows all disks’ trash in one spot rather than each individual disk seperately. On Windows, it deletes your files immediately. For Macs, there is an easy solution: download Curb. To use curb, just drag a disk onto its window and it empties the trash for just that device. Done. It can also transfer the disk’s trash to the local trash and off the flash drive, if you wish.

On Windows, it is just a little more difficult. You can just create a regular folder on the device and put unwanted files in it (unfortunately, you won’t be able to use the delete key to move items there). Then, when your device runs out of space or you just want more space, go into that folder and permanently delete the files like you normally would. Not too hard.



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