GIMP: A free alternative to Photoshop


For most, Adobe Photoshop may be out of budget for occasional or personal use. GIMP can solve that problem. The GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a very versatile image and graphic tool that has many image effects and many ways to edit images. The biggest problems I have with it are that it runs in x11 and uses the control key on the keyboard for shortcuts instead of the command key like all other apps do. I believe there are some native Aqua Gimps out there, but the one I tried wouldn’t load up. You can download one of the versions here.

For users that just want a little bit more than iPhoto but don’t need all the geeky features of GIMP, try Photoshop Express (free). It is a web-app that you sign up for in order to edit photos online. You can do some basic effects that iPhoto does not have. There is even a live demo you can try out before you sign up. Check this free web-app out @



5 Responses to GIMP: A free alternative to Photoshop

  1. Fandalorian says:

    GIMP is amazing… price is much better than $400.

    • fruitgeek says:

      Agreed. Some people illegally acquire Photoshop for free, and although I could, that’s just not right, so I won’t. In fact, I read somewhere that Photoshop is the most pirated program in history. I’m trying to learn GIMP right now- in my “spare time”

  2. Fandalorian says:

    You don’t need to mention the pirating… pretty much every program (buyable by the public) has been cracked at some time or another.

    The Internets (George W. Bush-ism there) is just too big to monitor effectively.

    • fruitgeek says:

      I think the reason so many people pirate Photoshop is because it is so useful, yet so unaffordable. And I think we should be *very* careful about letting the government regulate the Internet. There is a very fine line between shutting Limewire down and destroying the world’s best information and communication system. A similar issue is net neutrality, which is currently restricted by the FCC (or some other agency), but the regulation is under fire and possibly suit by companies like Verizon that want to throttle or ban traffic to certain sites to their users who are unwilling or unable to pay an extra fee. Worse yet, if net neutrality was defeated, AT&T, for example, could prohibit traffic from Textfree, Skype, or similar. I know Apple doesn’t let all Skype work on the cell networks, but that is different than the actual carrier banning it. If you jailbreak your iPhone, you can trick it into believing it is on WiFi so you can use Skype and Facetime over 3g.

      The internet is not too big to monitor effectively, but anyway, if you are talking about the government monitoring it effectively, that is an oxymoron.

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