Read Gmail from your Menubar

Being such a useful service, many people use Gmail. It works in native Apple Mail, it works on the iPhone native app, or in desktop or mobile webmail view. But sometimes it would be nice to have it take up less space. Google has its own free app called Notifier that has been designed to do this, but unfortunately it only checks email; you have to go to your web browser to read it. Here is a DIY solution I came up with to fix that problem.

First download Fluid (free, Fluid can make SSB’s, or site-specific browsers. Then open up the Fluid app. Type “” for the URL, you can put anything you want for the rest of it- I saved mine to the desktop so I can launch it easily anytime.

In URL box, type

Then click “Create”. Upon the prompt, click Open.

Then go to the application menu (mine’s called Mini Gmail) and then User Agent: select Mobile Safari iPod Touch.

After that click “Convert to MenuExtra SSB…” (on the same Mini Gmail Menu) Click OK.

Now you should have a nice Menubar Gmail app. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and it is easy to use. To quit the app, just right click the icon (my icon is an envelope, yours might be the default Google logo if you didn’t change it.

There are two great ways to access this once you make it. One, you could just save it to your desktop and double click it anytime you want to check Gmail, or you could set it to auto start under your user pane in System Preferences.

To check Gmail, just click the menubar icon and the rest is easy. To quit, click it the press command-q, or right-click the icon and click quit.

My Mini Gmail

If the DIY part of this doesn’t interest you, you can download my Mini Gmail app.

This can be done with several different websites (including my blog!) but Gmail is probably the most popular.

**Update: If it shows Gmail in the normal view instead of mobile, log out of Gmail and log back in. Hopefully this will fix the problem.



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