Make your searches worthwhile

Have you ever wondered how you could make your searches more useful? Probably not. You just Google your query, click a link and use the page, thinking  nothing of it. Sometimes, though, you might have wondered if there was a good alternative to the search giant Google. There is, and its called GoodSearch.

Goodsearch is a charitable search engine that donates money to charity nearly every time you perform a search on it. You don’t even need to sign up to use most of its features.

First, select the charity you want to benefit under “Who do you Goodsearch for?”.  This is important because it you don’t, the money raised will just go to sustain the website.

Goodsearch charity selection

Select a charity

Then, it will state your charity in place of the selection box- I chose the ASPCA. Goodsearch also has a feature called GoodShop- if you search for a product on their engine and then end up buying it, a designated percentage goes to your charity.

If you run a non-profit or know someone that does, the “Add New Charity” feature might be useful. Just go to and fill out the form. It could be a useful strategy in fund-raising for your organization. They provide a table that shows how many searches earn how much money.

Goodsearch is powered by Yahoo Search, so you should get decent results. Try it out



One Response to Make your searches worthwhile

  1. Dianne says:

    Thanks for your well written and easy to follow posts. This is a great idea!

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