Access Your Files Remotely with FeelHome download button screenshotHave you ever been in a pinch and needed a file off of your home computer? Maybe it was a report for work, or an assignment for a class. For MobileMe customers, the answer is as simple as using the “Back to My Mac” feature, but for the rest of us who don’t want to shell out $99 every year there is a simple solution: FeelHome.

FeelHome is a donation-ware application that you can install on multiple computers that allows you to access your files from any Internet-enabled computer. First, you sign up for an account on Then, download the software to any computer you want to access from a remote location, and add your account to it. To make your files accessible, start the server application. Your files should be available to download from any web browser @

This app works on Mac, Windows, and Linux. You can access multiple computers with one account.

Obviously, there is always a security concern when dealing with remote-access clients. Even though it uses HTTPS and SSL, someone could guess your password or find some other way in, which could lead to theft of sensitive info or installation of malware. Be sure to set a secure password with different case letters, numbers and symbols. Also consider turning the desktop app off on your computer when you are sure it won’t be needed. If you finish a session with the web app, you can even shut your computer down remotely.



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